Alteryx Designer Course - Basic Level Spanish

I share with you my first course in Udemy.com which covers the initial bases necessary to be able to use the Alteryx Designer tool.

This course was created to instruct Spanish speakers in the use of this useful big data management tool. Many courses of different levels are available to the public, but at least on the Udemy platform this is the first to be taught natively in Spanish. In this way I seek to break down barriers for all those people whose language is a limitation.

From personal experience, this software is quite useful, and you can visually automate very complex processes. This is an added value for any project that involves an exorbitant amount of data, that has diverse sources of information, that requires trial and error to be able to execute the necessary actions and many more scenarios in which the common methods require complex processes.

This course covers the basic use of Alteryx Desginer oriented to beginners who wish to be introduced to the tool. The use of Alteryx optimizes the working time when transforming data.

It is an excellent tool when the data sources are distributed in several sources such as

-Multiple Excel files
-Varias tablas de una base de datos
-Manual input of information
-Combinations of sources mentioned

It also facilitates the development of solutions by being a visual tool, and its fast processing optimizes the processes.

In this course, it is explained the characterization and operation of different components of the tool in order to understand the operation of the software and to be able to do multiple actions simultaneously. In addition to its use, different configurations will be explained in detail to obtain accurate results and valuable and refined information. 

The generated reports can be exported in different formats to generate value and the processed information can be consulted on demand once the workflow has been saved, i.e. it can be executed again and again regardless of whether the source is updated, i.e. in real time.

Every day, more and more people sign up for it, and I'm glad they have a good experience. I will continue to update this course as needed and hope it will be the first of many.

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