Course: Intermediate Alteryx Designer

Due to the great reception of my first Alteryx course on Udemy, I have decided to make an Intermediate level course for all those who want to pursue skills in Data Analytics, Big Data and Enterprise Intelligence with the #Alteryx Designer tool. This course will allow students to integrate several Alteryx Designer tools to achieve complex processes with information in…

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Regex y aplicaciones

REgex es una abreviación para Regular Expression (expresiones regulares). El REgex es un patrón de caracteres que se utilizan para buscar un texto específico o una porción de texto. El fin del regex generalmente es buscar coincidencias de texto y/o realizar reemplazos sobre este texto. Cuando se trabaja con un documento de texto grande o un archivo de log extenso.…

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Course: Basic Alteryx Designer

I am sharing with you my first course on which covers the initial basics needed to be able to handle the Alteryx Designer tool.   This course was created with the purpose of instructing Spanish speakers in the use of this useful big data management tool. Many courses of different levels are available to the public, but at least…

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Problemas con delimitadores dentro de archivos planos

When working with historical information from one or several old systems, which I will call Legacy, there is a great possibility that the information stored in these systems may have some kind of error. Sometimes, the user may save information with errors, whether they are formatting errors, special characters or any value that the system should validate before saving but…

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