Course: Advanced Alteryx Designer

Course: Advanced Alteryx Designer

I am excited to announce my third course on the data transformation and analytics tool, Alteryx#Designer.

With this course, I close the series of three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Don’t forget to download your #certificate at the end of each level.

The advanced course covers the use of 3 types of #macros to automate, even more, the processes of cleaning and quality of information. Additionally, direct connections to databases will be used for total control over the information in real-time #realtimedata .

This course completes a trilogy of levels in the use of the tool. This last one concludes the series, but I will be back with more tools for data analytics.



Macros or macros are repetitive processes or automation that allow a workflow to be much more efficient. It is extremely important to know their definition, types, benefits, and properties in order to be able to configure and program even more complex, dynamic, and intelligent information transformations.

The macro in turn solves the problem of logic reuse since its configuration can be used several times on the same workflow. The macro, in conjunction with other tools, will allow repetitive actions to be performed dynamically by altering values on the fly to obtain different results under the same initial information schema.

The previous courses have not prepared you to handle the graphical interface, connect the necessary data and interact with the dynamic configurations of the tool. Now it is time to take the past automation to a new level by further planning their behavior and manipulating our data in a cyclical way. Freeing the user to devote his time to other tasks.

This course includes the necessary materials to work with, such as the data used in each video. Don’t forget that all courses include a certificate at the end of the course, which validates your knowledge.

Good luck at this new level! 

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