Course: Intermediate Alteryx Designer

Course: Intermediate Alteryx Designer

Due to the great reception of my first Alteryx course on Udemy, I have decided to make an Intermediate level course for all those who want to pursue skills in Data Analytics, Big Data and Enterprise Intelligence with the #Alteryx Designer tool.

This course will allow students to integrate several Alteryx Designer tools to achieve complex processes with information in a simple, agile and dynamic way.


The course starts with a summary of the basic concepts exposed in past courses as a reminder, and then we will go into the formulas to see how they work at a deep level but with clear examples to understand the syntax of the tool.

Later, we will build workflows based on real situations and based on past experiences. We will take the best practices to solve common problems that the nature of information usually presents to obtain clean, orderly and high value information to work with.

Finally, upon obtaining clean information, we will proceed with the validation of the information to ensure that its degree of purity is the highest and identify those cases that need to be adjusted to make our workflow smarter.

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